In season 1, Dean and his team completed a nearly 2,000km journey, travelling through 12 different prefectures of Japan. They were able to reach Japan’s highest peak, visit Japan’s 4 largest cities and even make it to the Oki Islands 45km of the coast of Japan.

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1. North


When you think about adventure travel in Japan, you think about Hokkaido, the northern isle, which remains the least developed of Japans main islands. To get there would mean a long journey for the team – from Tokyo more than 700km overland minimum, and a 30km+ sea journey, just to reach the island! That route would lead them though areas like Gunma, famous for it’s hot springs and outdoor sports, and Tochigi filled with endless mountains and temples. Beyond that, Japan’s deepest lake, in Akita and finally at the very north of Honshu, Aomori Prefecture and a volcano named Osorezan. With northern Honshu conquered, Hokkaido Prefecture and its endless nature would await them…

2. South


At runaway, there is no journey the team has fantasized about more than that of making their way to the island of Shikoku and walking the pilgrimage of the 88 temples. To get there, they would retrace their steps to Yoshino town in Nara prefecture, only 61km from Koyasan, which is the resting place of Koubou Daishi, who is said to have founded or restored many of the 88 temples. After paying their respects to Koubou Daishi, the team could cross from Wakayama Prefecture to Awaji Island and then over to Naruto in Tokushima Prefecture, where the very 1st of 88 temples would await them. For the next 30 days the team would have to walk 40km or more everyday to circumnavigate the island, dressed as pilgrims and stepping everyday closer to the Soul of Japan.

3. West


The final option for our team would be to head West and ultimately South to the end of Japan, Kyushu Island, the warmest of Japan’s 4 main islands and the gateway to the Ryukyu Islands. Continuing from their final prefecture of series 1 in Shimane, they would travel through Yamagata to reach Shimonoseki, the southern most tip of Honshu Island. Entering Kyushu they would first reach the modern city of Fukaoka and then the historical port city of Nagasaki. Kagoshima is the most southern city of Kyushu Island and then all that awaits the team is a string of volcanic and coral islands, stretching all the way to Taiwan. Just how far can they go…