If you have any questions about the show, you will find most of the answers here.

How are you?

We at runAway Japan pride ourselves on being some of the healthiest and genkiest in Tokyo! We are trying to bring healthy, happy, positive choices into the show, everyday!So the answer is pretty much, always, “GREAT, thank you!” 🙂

Why runAway? What does that mean? Why is the ‘A’ big?

The name runAway originated after considering two words related to our first challengers, Dean and Dario. They were both runners, and both models. Ordinarily the only time you hear the word ‘run’ in relation to models is in the word ‘runway’, and so we realized that to us it would be the A that made all the difference. The large A separates ‘run’ from ‘way’, and means to us, a way of progressing forward (run a way) – And we love running! We also believe that through our journeys we are showing the limitless capabilities of the human body, and like to believe that the only thing we are running away (runaway) from, are our own limitations!

What about ‘Sole of Japan’, is that a spelling mistake?

Look hard enough around the out website and you probably will find some spelling mistakes, but this is not one of them! Of course it is the ‘Soul of Japan’ we are in search of, but since we get there by running…well we chose to use Sole, as in the sole of the foot. Season 1’s title is simply a play on words. We like it and without the element getting by with our physical bodies, runAway would not be the same and we would never discover so many great Soul Moments as we move into the area no one else dares!

So, what’s with the suit? The bow-tie? The long white socks? The red bandana?!

This is the question we get the most and it’s somewhat hard to answer – especially if you have never lived in Japan!

The shortest answer we can give is that it’s a statement, a way to standout and a character being created…there is more though…runAway was born from 2 male models, breaking their fashion mold and having an adventure in Japan. The suit represented where they came from, and made Dean stand out as a character in Japan. We made him recognizable. Where as Dean didn’t really mind playing the fool, the outfit ended up serving a much greater purpose.

We think what makes runAway: Sole of Japan special is the interaction with the Japanese people as it happens, unscripted and unexpected. Somehow the bow-tie and long socks proved to be one of the most effective ways ever witnessed, of cutting though any barriers of culture, or between people in general. Japanese people somehow felt safe, and slightly amused by Dean. Conversations flowed and experiences happened in ways we never could have imagined!

Did you really run, cycle and kayak the whole journey? How do we know?

Yes. We are real. We are authentic. That’s what’s different about us.

Where can I see it and when?!

runAway Season 1 finally premiered in April 2019 on NHK World (internationally) and on J Sports (domestically).

We are currently collaborating with jibtv to create part of magazine style show called Catch Japan.


We are also now uploading the whole of season 1 to YouTube – Free to view for anyone, anywhere. Uploads will continue for the whole of 2019.

Why did we make this in Japan?

There wasn’t ever really any other consideration. Japan had been home for Dean for 7 years at the time we began creating content and it was where Dean and Dario (appearing with Dean in the pilot episode) were both based in 2014 where the ideas became a reality. Japan was a country they both loved, and Dean had a background here, a grasp of the language, experience and knowledge of the culture and about where to go and what to see. Perhaps runAway could only have been born in Japan, but what is certain now, is the concept is just waiting to be fired up in other countries around the world! Sole of China, Sole of The Philippines, Sole of the Orient…it seems to us it’s just a matter of time!

Why did you pick the places (prefectures / cities) you travelled to?

We didn’t! You Did!

Dean picked the start point only, the very top of Mount Fuji. For most it’s the destination, the ultimate goal, and it was too for Dean and Dario in the pilot episode. Therefor Dean wanted to go back to where they left off. To stand on the ultimate pinnacle and look out over the next adventure.

Every 5 days Dean wrote 3 options for a vote. Using the ‘Poll Caster’ software platform, followers, friends, fans, and Japan enthusiasts would vote either north, south, east or west, depending on which direction they had entered their current location from. In the very first vote, you decided to send us South, down into the peninsula of ‘Izu’.

So it continued, us battling to reach the said destination voted for, only for a new selection to be made sending us off again in a new direction and onto new challenges. We were very pleased with the route that you selected.

What’s next from the runAway team?

A lot we hope! Even our epic 50 day adventure only touched upon just over 1/4 of the prefectures inJapan. That means there is so much more to see inside this country alone. We have already opened anew vote for season 2 to find out where in Japan you would love to see us go next! Vote Now!

Think too of the possibilities, evolutions and one off shows covering anything from winter-sports in Japan, to teaming up with olympic hopefuls of 2020, to charitable events to support Japanese NPOs we love!

…And that’s only in Japan! We have the whole world to conquer. As we stated above in ‘why we made this in Japan’, we think Japan was the ultimate birth place, but not the final destination. All over Asia holds challenges and adventures we would love to meet and who knows, maybe we will one day make it as far as Europe, Africa or the Americas…