Creative Collaborations: Jeremy Lim

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runAway Japan works with many different creatives, from musicians to graphic designers, Youtubers, and stuntmen. Creative Collaborations celebrates their amazing work.

Jeremy Lim

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Jeremy Lim (

Tell us about you!

Hello! My name is Jeremy Lim and I’m a music producer and composer from Vancouver, Canada. I work on films, commercials, and video games, but I do original music as well. Outside of music, I spend my time working as a photographer, traveling, exploring nature, learning new skills, and eating. There’s a lot of eating.

When did you start composing music?

I was introduced to music production in my early teens, and I dabbled with it off and on for years, but I didn’t jump in fully until much later. Music’s always been very important to me and I wasn’t happy that I hadn’t committed myself to it, so in 2013, I flipped the switch, launched my first EP, Into Ether, and got to work.

into ether EP

What’s your favourite genre of music to make?

I’m not sure if it’s my favourite, but I always gravitate toward electronic, sombre, mellow jams. I always found it peculiar, since I prefer going hard and fast live. It must be all of the video game and Ghibli influence.

What’s your personal favourite track that you’ve made and why?

It rotates! The answer is usually whatever I’m working on at the time, but right now, I’m in Japan, so I’ve been thinking about the two tracks inspired by my time here, “Inaba” and “Lost and Longing”.

Listen to Inaba!

Tell us about the process of writing, “Your Heart (In the Air)”? How was the song inspired?

Honestly? I sent Chae a rough instrumental, she provided some lyrics, and we met to massage the song together. I wish there was a better story, but our styles mesh well, so it was an easy process. We didn’t know it would take on a travel theme, but we’re glad it did; tourism agencies seem to like us!

Why did you want to collaborate with Runaway?

Runaway approached me for the track, but I’ve been a fan of the videos for quite some time. Any way to get more involved in Japanese culture is exciting for me!

Watch our latest video featuring Jeremy Lim’s Your Heart (In the Air) feat Chae Kim

What are your hopes for the future in your career?

My immediate goal is to produce a lot more solo work as I’ve been project-based for the past couple of years. While it’s rewarding working on bigger projects, I’d really like to build up my library. I’d like to start developing a product as well. Beyond that, things are still in the air – hah – but hopefully, it includes more time in Japan!

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