My dream

“For years now, travel has always been my deepest passion, in fact ever since I set off on my first adventure years ago. After living and working as an entertainer in Japan for many years, the time had come to combine my passion of travel, with another passion – sport and fitness. I began combining uniquely the ideas of travel and physical challenge as I walked from Japan’s east coast to west coast in only a week and then ran from Tokyo to Onagawa, 430km north, to raise money for charity. The messages I was able to give were powerful. We could show the limitlessness of our bodies, encourage us all to never give up and to say that dreams were yours to go and get! Now I could see a chance to journey through the whole of Japan. I could do something no one had ever done before. This journey would be full of happiness and humor but also push me to my own limits physically and mentally. I would grow, I would learn and most importantly, I could share it all.”

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