PartnersPowered by Japanese Water (Miraiz)

runAway powered by Japanese water!

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Any great endeavour requires teamwork and the support of others in order to succeed. runAway Japan is no different and thanks support from partners like Miraiz, we can keep runAway running.

Miraiz is a water company that aims to provide clean, natural water, while supporting charities and ethical projects, including us!

On Miraiz’ website you can see the various, fantastic groups they support! There’s Dean!

The Water

Miraiz water is sourced from pure mountain streams in Tottori prefecture in Japan. It contains minerals essential for health, including calcium、potassium and a high level of water soluble silica, which supports the health of our bodies, particularly our hair, skin and bones.

You can keep runAway running!

While ordering water through the website, customers can choose a project they want to support and a portion of the proceeds is automatically donated to it.

This is the link to their page to buy water and support runAway Japan, or share it with a friend in Japan who wants to know more about our journey. 

As many of you know, Dean also enjoys supporting the community, and taking part in different events – particularly if running is involved! In December 2018, Miraiz invited Dean to take part in an annual Dirt Run at Sonoda Race track in Amagasaki city, Hyogo. He had high hopes of getting a good time, despite running on soft sand. Check out the video to see more of the action, and if he hit his goal!