Love what we do? You can actually help us keep going!

We are a very small company, with big dreams, huge motivation and any donation can be invested directly into new content. Have a specific request as to what runAway visit, film, do or see? Let us know, and lets share the journey!


Enough to complete 10 more episodes.

If everyone that visited gave just $20, we would have enough to make 10 more episodes.
We made season 1 through our own investment, a lot of passion and help from people like you!

We think runAway is bigger than us –  it will take a whole community!


Will go into production of the show.

Our team work for free or for minimum rate, but we need to pay for hotels, crew vehicles, equipment, food etc. We will make donations count. Currently we are hoping to buy a drone for improving the footage filmed in season 1 and an iMac for speeding up post production editing.


People involved in making this show right now!

Teams, Tribes and Communities make things happen. We believe we have built one of the finest in Tokyo; Experts in their fields here in Japan and even those working with us from overseas. There is no limit to this number either; we are welcoming all creators, kind souls and energetic friends, into this family so we can make this dream come true.

Become part of the Journey

runAway Inc. is a registered company in Japan.
You can donate to our bank account in Japan using –

Bank: Post office Bank
Code: 10110
Account: 75239771
ランナウェイ (runAway)

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