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Creative Collaborations: Davide Severi

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runAway Japan works with many different creatives, from musicians, to graphic designers, Youtubers, and stuntmen. Creative Collaborations celebrates their amazing work.


Name: Davide Severi
Country: Italy
Contribution: Music
Stream Davide’s album


 I remember doing my first “composition” when I was 6. It was a simple piece in the style of the piano works I was studying at the time. It was in D major to underpin its joy and simplicity. I might even still have that small score. I started actually arranging and composing when I got hold of my first synth workstation, a Korg M1, when i was 12. More complex works came as the technology came by, with a multitrack sequencer on my PC, and synth and samplers, when i was 16 or 17. It was 1994 and Jungle/drum’n’bass was taking over. 😀


I always loved electronic music, experimental/IDM (a-la Apex Twin) and drum’n’bass/jungle in particular, as they are (were) mostly free of constraints and rules. I also love Japanese and Indian music, so I often tend to include some elements of it in what I make. I also love Bach’s music which has been my main influence, because of its clarity and purity, and its often mathematical approach. I love that. But nowadays I also play/write a lot of more dancey and funky stuff.

One of my all-time favorites is a track called “Of Red and Gold”, which is the last track on the “Matrix/Pattern” album i made for EVES Music as Da’wei. It has a bit of everything I love: a drum’n’bass beat, polyrhythms, multi-layered harmony and counterpoint, an inspired melody, and a very strong Oriental feeling. And of course, it lasts for nearly 10 minutes.

Stream Davide’s album


I wanted to collaborate with Runaway because I appreciated the work Dean and the others made on it. I saw something out of the first episode and I liked its take on Japan, light but deep, funny and interesting. And I had to congratulate with Dean for the excellent athletic qualities. That was some work he really was committed to. How not to take part?

I have high hopes and low expectations for my future! You can not know where your next gratification comes from. Sometimes, playing in small venues jamming with strangers can reveal more of you than your sought-after, hardly-crafted masterpiece. Still, I really like to work with soundtracks and productions, and I’d really like to work in Japan, as i love the people, and Japanese arts, crafts and design in general. I always thought I should move there. Music is harmony, and harmony is made from mutual elements. I hope to find them along the way.

Check out Davide’s collaboration with runAway in:

Autobaks Tokyo: Stop Dean Singing



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